Wednesday 5 September 2007

Furniture manufacturing and marketing

Base on wide network of furniture sources inter regional cooperation of woodworking home-industries,
established over than 15 years in supplying to buying agent and westerner (American and European ),
either for Indoor or outdoor range, (see our furniture collection ) in big production scale and
regular contract order bases. Reaching a figure of more than 150.000 chairs in recent 5 years.
A distinctive works for handmade products yet it succesfully done.
In vision of global era for home furnishing, having 5 years in finishing, another 5 years in replica or reproduction
antique or classic furniture and 5 years as chair maker, the projection are : previously as a passive tailor made or custom
order vendor, become self design, production and penetrate market proactively. Restructuring by developing:
new design in simple-modern range of minimalist-concept, adequate website to perform communicable,
informative and more accessibility into the furniture global market.
Small buyer or new comer which are just starting in furniture business can get it on.
Whilst for the wholesaler buyer get benefit of buying in mix items is applicable.
Not facing the inflexible minimum quantity order as commonly applied by big manufacturer.
Although the prices are relatively not cheap, compare with mass production and full machine.
As handmade ones, it is still reasonable and marketable.

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